About Us

GHR was founded in September 2005 by Nawar Alsaadi & Claudiu Danila, the original goal behind GHR was to provide an impartial review platform for travellers worldwide, in our effort to come with the perfect product we experimented with several business models, however overtime we discovered that our problem was not the business model, but the word "business".

It seems today that every major effort on the internet is driven by business and rarely driven by passion, there was a time when the internet was a source of knowledge and information and not an ad dispenser; today the internet is cluttered with so much noise and misinformation to a point that is seriously compromising the whole structure integrity.

As we came to the above realisation we decided that business was not our driver, what drove us was a real passion for travel, thus we decided to re-engineer our site to be ad free platform providing exactly what users came to look for : genuine travel reviews, delivered by an impartial platform.

Today travel review sites are controlled by major travel companies (you know who we are talking about!), those companies have for many years leveraged their users content for a massive gain and at the same time have collected hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue on the back of the accommodation providers without paying them a single cent!.

We believe that there is something "screwed up!" with the current state of affairs, and we have decided to make it right:
- We will not make money on the back of the hotel owner.
- We will not use our reviews as bait to sell you an endless amount of ads and travel products that you may or may not need.
- We will use cutting edge technology to deliver you the best hotel & travel review experience, the way this technology was supposed to be used in the first place.
- We will keep our platform genuine and impartial.

We will continue to deliver this service as long as it is practical, financially possible for us to finance it and fun for us to run!; meanwhile we hope that GHR will be of good use to you and hopefully it will help you in improving your travel experience and facilitate your travel planning.

Have save travels!
Nawar & Claudiu