Hotel owners charter

We are aware that several hotel review websites and especially the biggest in the field have exposed hotel owners to significant abuse; this is why we have decided to make the following pledge to Global Hotel Review listed hotels:

Listing on the website:

Hotels that do not wish to be listed on our website have the option to be removed from the website, or the option to block the review function on their properties, this will insure that hotels will not be forced on our website, and their name will not be leveraged for commercial gain against their will.

Hotel Information:

All hotels direct contact information is published and readily available to Global Hotel Review users, properties do not need to pay us to profit from this feature; our site users are welcome to contact the hotel and make a direct commission free reservation.

Review Response:

All hotel owners will be given the option to quickly respond to any written review directly under the submitted review; hotel owners will have full editorial freedom in their response (as long as no derogatory, threatening or abusive language is used).

Review Accuracy:

Unlike the competition GHR uses a unique algorithm where hotel ratings are not just based on the reviews average, but the following elements are considered:
• Review Age: reviews gradually lose their rating as they age; at a certain point a review will completely lose its value after a number of years has passed.
• Anonymous Reviews: anonymous reviews are penalized, anonymous reviews will be published but it won't count in the hotel total ratings.
• Accuracy: Once a review is published, other travelers will have the option to confirm its accuracy (through the option "was this review accurate?"), accurate reviews will have a bigger weighting in the ratings.

Fair comparison:

We don't find it fair that a two star hotel is competing against a 5 star hotel within a same city, while both hotels could be excellent in their category; it is natural that a 5 star establishment (at 5 star prices) can offer a client a better experience; accordingly our hotels are not only rated on a city rating, but under their category rating as well; thus our site users can quickly see where the hotel stand in relation to the city as a whole and in relation to its category.


Since GHR is an ad free website, we don not have the resources to hire and deploy a lot of resources, but we make the commitment to respond to every hotel abuse reports as quickly as possible, hotels that signal an obvious abuse of our review system will have that review dealt with and the reviewer blocked from using the site in the future.